Tuesday, 12 June 2012

When are you Launching?

So it's June 12th already and we are not on the road yet like we thought we would be.  Putting this truck together in theory was a lot easier than in reality.  This month is definitely crunch time!  There is still a whole lot of stuff that needs to get done, but we have a plan and hope it goes smoothly.  So many people have helped us out along the way and we are so grateful to them.  Between most of our large equipment getting delivered in a snowstorm or pouring rain, and trying to get our 2nd kitchen classified as a commercial kitchen we have definitely had some trials.
Nothing good comes easily, right?  There have been some fights and some days where we are so exhausted we can't move at the end.  There has also been a lot of laughter and excitement when you start to see things come to together and people responding to it. We've also had a lot of fun trying out the food trucks that are on the road right now which are run by some great people and gives us a chance to eat some great food.
This is the home stretch and it's definitely the hardest part, luckily we have each other to lean on and our 4 crazy wonderful animals to make us smile when the stress is piling up.

It's Jenny's 30th birthday this week on the 14th and I'm taking her to a mystery location to celebrate.  There will be pictures when we get back!  Hopefully this little mini vacation will give us a needed break and allow us to push hard into that final stage when we get back!  Honestly I can't wait to get this baby launched and be able to share all our hard work with everyone!

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  1. Happy 30th Birthday Jenny!!!!
    Love Stacey, Shawn, Isaias, Nevaeh & The Mantley's