Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Social Media Mania!

What is social media marketing really?  Is it a way to drive people to your businesses or just a way to make yourself feel like people are listening to you?   Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Foursquare, Blogger,  Klout, YouTube…etc.  It’s overwhelming sometimes and yet it’s revolutionized how we advertise and made it accessible to everybody.  Step aside Mad Men, there is a new player in town and it’s anyone with a computer or phone! 
People or businesses can become famous overnight and it costs nothing but time invested.  As a first time business owner I’ve been learning all that I can about how to use these valuable tools.  I mean free advertising...how can you go wrong?  Oh you can...it’s a learning curve for sure.  If you were to Google social media marketing, thousands of results pop up.  It’s a little overwhelming at times and a lot to keep track of, but so important.
Also it’s a little exciting to think all these people care about what we are doing and want to be a part of it.  Allowing us to connect to hundreds of people anywhere in the world at any time of the day, kind of cool!   In fact it has gotten to the point where if you ignore the social media side of things your business will probably suffer. 
Our phones are also making it easier to stay connected to these social networks, with apps, email, and the internet right at our fingertips!  I can’t even imagine what the future will bring in this capacity.  Just recently we started to put our company on the food truck locator apps.  I can’t even explain how cool it is to see something that you built from nothing out there for the world to see and interact with.  Eat St. and the IFind Food Locator are now showing our logo and information.
A lot of our journey creating this business and sharing it with the world has been online and through social media.  It has definitely made things easier for us and also a challenge at times to make sure that we are using it all correctly and to our benefit.  As our deadline to our opening approaches our virtual presence increases and we are seeing more of a response from the online community!  I'm loving it so far!

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