Friday, 18 May 2012

Revving Up The Renovations!

So I guess I had a week off. Is it fair to claim writer`s block in a blog? We, either way, I`m going with that. I have a few things on the agenda today. our food truck is really coming along. It`s crazy really. dealing with health inspectors and fire inspectors shas proven just as challenging as I suspected it would be, but we are working through the notches one by one.
So the truck is more or less clean. First phaase clean we`ll say. Observe the example below.
Jennifer was fortunate to be at work, but no excuses now! This is Jennifer`s last day of work and aren`t we all happy to have her home f/t. But no joke we have hella work to do. So for the exterior of our truck we got some free pallets that I spent a day dismantling, and which we now will stain grey. It will have a neat effect because they are worn and different shades so it will create a mosaic effect.
We have amazing before and after pictures coming up, and I`m think the blogging may become a bit sporadic. We wanna keep up with Food Truck Friday, but otherwise it`s gonna get all mixed up, mixed in and interesting. Stay tuned and don`t miss the final stages of Jennifer and I`s big food truck launch. Woo Woo!
Later skater,


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