Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pink Walls and power tools!

So everyday around here a little more gets done with the truck!  A lot of painting first and foremost, our walls inside are all going to be pink, and the cabinetry a dark grey.  Many, many coats later (and let's just say painting is not Jenny's favorite thing to do) we have a nice bright interior. 
Right now it all still looks a little chaotic but everything is happening in steps and we are learning so much as we go along.  Like if you rip down your ceiling you are going to be left with a bunch of wires hanging everywhere, or that it's super handy to have 2 strong guys around when you need to lift a fridge above your head!

Putting the fridge up there also meant that we had to rip out part of the ceiling, and it had to stay ripped out so that doors would actually open.  So ripping out the rest of the ceiling was next and putting trim on that window opening. 
 But doesn't my girl look hot with her power tools? 

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