Friday, 4 May 2012

Jane Bond Menu Tasting

On Sat we had about 27 wonderful guests over to our new home for Jane Bond`s menu tasting.  It was a wonderful turnout and show of support. 

The whole day was spent rushing through our prep routine..and let me tell you how fun that was lol...completely unprepared for the amount of work we had ahead!  Cutting the muscle sack from the lamb leg and shoulder was nothing short of tedious!  Is it worth oredering this item in pre-cut...perhaps.

We figured the veggies out as we went along, Jennifer learning some knife skills along the way.  Prep may be a highly time invested indeavor for the first while!When the guests showed up we were finally entirely set up for service.  I was a bit out of tune with my kitchen skills, not having been cooking professionally for a few months now, but quickly got into pace.

Different formations of stir fry came together with lamb, or scallops shrimp and calamari, tofu, beef and chicken!  People were very creative with the spices, and the sauces we thought would be most popular were not at all.  What was.....the peanut punch sauce! And the house sauce (which is fantastic!).

The comments were all amazing and that we will be met with great success.  The sauces were made light and subtle (because that is exactly how I like my sauce) and some loved that! Some thought more sauce and flavour was needed.  So I will take to the recipes and concentrate and thicken the sauces a bit more, and offer an option for heavy or light sauce on the menu.

We were able to choose our takeout containers from the awesome feedback people provided as well.  Our personalized water was an absolute hit! Jennifer and I were just really pleased with how well things went, and can move forward with a very encouraged and supported feeling!

 Thanks so much to all the people who were there and supporting us that evening. 

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