Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Inspectors and Permits and Plans, Oh My!

Permits and inspections have become my new obsession, I think about them all the time and they are starting to intrude on my dreams now too.  Getting this business up and running requires that we have quite a few permits and inspections approved.  It’s also a timing thing, because some permits or inspections you can’t get until you have other ones completed!
 It’s a bit of a circle and a challenge to schedule everything and keep track of it.  We are trying our best but sometimes it’s frustrating.  I never noticed how many permits and certificates restaurants had before, now I see them all!  At least I have the skills to draw up the plans we need to get these approvals and we don’t have to hire somebody.
 So I’m filling out forms and booking inspections, it’s quite a process.  Between our hood vent getting delivered in the freak snow storm we had on Saturday and all the paperwork we need to do, this month is getting stressful for both Jenny and myself.   And in the midst of all the chaos we are dealing with, it never fails to amaze me how many people are full of great information and willing to share it, like Daniel from Home depot Monday morning who was a big help to us! 
 It’s all coming together bit by bit, and Jenny is great at keeping everything on track!  Now I better get back to my paper work, have a great day!

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