Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hey Food Truck Fans

So we have our very first ever Jane Bond Mongolian Grill event coming up this Sunday May 27.  It's a charity event at The Calgary Marathon, and yours truly is the official food truck of The Mustard Seed for the event.  We are dishin up pancakes with syrup or blueberry sauce, sausages or juice to a bunch of wild marathon fans and passers byers at 7am.  Super fun early morning! ; )

We will write about our event and our poor friends in tu tus and other ridiculousness banning together as a Jane Bond promotional force!  Next we have Ari modeling some Jane Bond gear (see below).

Oops wrong pic, that's Ari in my tee-shirt.  This is Ari in Jane Bond gear!

We have some Jane Bond gitch as well and will show them off soon enough. So on the agenda for today is putting a bunch of stud supports in the ceiling to reinforce it because as is Jennifer will fall through the roof when getting up to replace the vents.  We are checking out JoJo's BBQ today for lunch to see how she has handled her own RV reno's!  We need to finish up the painting once and for all!  replace our service window cover which we made too small to start.  We are up and out of bed and getting started on our day! 

Til Tomorrow!


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