Friday, 11 May 2012

Food Truck Friday-The Hula Girl!

This food truck Friday features a truck that our resident Hawaiian girl Rita would love….The Hula Girl Truck!  Driving the streets of Washington in a decked out Woody looking truck that used to be an old government vehicle Mikala Brennan found online for $9,000. 

She bought the truck in Pennsylvania and sent it to San Antonio so a crew there could make it look like a 1950s station wagon, but with a custom grill, and a flat screen TV to show vintage surf films to customers waiting in line. 

Grilled to order teriyaki steak, chicken and tofu is the basis of the menu. The teriyaki can be served a few ways, on a crisp salad, a Banh Mi style sandwich or straight on a plate with rice and macaroni salad!  They've also got a few side items like edamame tossed in Hawaiian sea salt and a coconut pudding for dessert.
Of course if you are feeling adventurous, try the Spam Musubi, which is grilled Spam wrapped in nori and sticky rice, sushi-style!  Sounds interesting to me, what do you think? 

With surfboards on the roof, her own hula girl and food made to order, this Hawaiian girl has got a winning food truck.  If you are in Washington, DC and looking for a little Hawaiian getaway that won’t break the bank, have a little staycation and visit The Hula Girl!

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