Friday, 25 May 2012

Food Truck Friday-Hippo facto

No this food truck does not serve hippo meat!  In fact it may be one of the most dedicated food trucks to sustainable living and organic, local products.  Fueled by real horse power, and by that I mean 2 Percheron draft horses they show a real respect for our environment.  Christopher Mauduit and Fabrice Vanderschooten launched Hippo Facto November 2009 near the city of Caen, which is located in north west France.
 France has many food trucks but none quite like this one.  It's a different kind of truck.  Putting our food truck together was nothing like this!
The 2 beautiful horses that power this truck are named, Rondo & Quatuor.  Stunning animals that add to the unique look of Hippo Facto.

Serving fast organic and local fare that’s simple and healthy, you can order anything from fruit/vegetable juices, tartines, and soups. The containers are also compostable of course!
They have been featured in many articles and a few shows.  See one below that shows the inner working of the truck. 
A food truck like this one may not work in big cities, I can only imagine the horses in the middle of traffic, but for the town they are in, it works and they set an environmental standard that they can be proud of.
  If you are headed to France this Summer this is something you don't want to miss!

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