Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Website Design For Dummies!

 As Jenny said yesterday, the moving is done, but the house is still in chaos.  We have no idea where half our stuff is which makes getting ready in the morning super fun!  In all the hustle and bustle of packing, moving and unpacking, I’m afraid we’ve put the business stuff on hold for a few days.  This included getting our website up and running.

What makes a website great?  That's what Jenny and I are trying to figure out. We have found someone who will set up our website,  www.janebondgrill.com for a reasonable price.  Since we are slightly picky when it comes to the design of this whole venture as I’m sure Kelly who drew our logo could attest to, we have decided to do all the graphics and design of the website ourselves. 
This is not an easy task but I think we are up to the challenge.  It’s a tricky thing to combine 2 different visions and create something spectacular that will have all the required information included.  Plus there are copyright details to deal with and we are still evolving the whole design concept of Jane bond.

I envisioned designing the website to be a process similar to this:
It turned out to be a little more like this, me in bed with the laptop and all the animals gathered around!
So cute though!  The funny thing is that font seems to be one of the biggest things that we can’t seem to nail down!  Any opinions on the fonts below, likes/dislikes?  We really do need some help, they all start to look the same after a while.
Then of course there is Rita who thinks she should be featured loud and proud on every page, not that she was much help during the move, hiding in one of the boxes.  She’s lucky we found her at all!

Tonight we are getting back to working on the business again and hopefully we will have the website up and running in 2 weeks at least.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress and let you know when it’s active.

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