Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Packing It Up And Giving It Away!

Jenny and I are now starting to look at packaging for our stir fry and have had some great help from Trent at British Canadian Importers .  He came by the other day and dropped off a bunch of different styles for us to take a look at.

Some we immediately liked but didn’t know if they would work for our type of food.  Plus we wanted something that was recyclable, looked great and was cost efficient.  All these little things that you don’t think of such as packaging forks, chopsticks, napkins, etc… Decisions that have to be made and that reflect on the company, I might go crazy pretty soon!

We also thought of using the Chinese takeout style of containers which look very cool but it may make eating our food awkward, which is definitely not what we want! Also these containers aren't microwavable because of the metal handle.  So we looked at some in a similar style but without the handle. What do you think, are they still cool like that?

Luckily for us we have our taste test this weekend with about 20 of our friends.  Getting an outside opinion on all of this stuff is so important too. So not only will they have a choice in ingredients, but they will also have a choice of packaging!  I’ll let you know what conclusions this weekend will bring.

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