Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mmm Tuesday...Jane Bond Menu

This week is fairly exciting because we are rolling out the Jane Bond menu and pricing, and you get to be the first to see it.  We have a menu tasting on Saturday.  Safe to say our menu is set and ready to go.  Well, except for not having actually made most of the sauces that is.  But I have designed them on paper and expect they will work well.  Comments, as always, are welcome.  So here it is below, and I realize it's blurry but hopefully you can make it all out.  When we launch the website (very soon) there may be some small changes.  For example I believe I won't go with a 'fire' sauce, and Tomato will have a cooler name.  But this is for the most part what we will be serving!

I think it has something for everyone.  There is tonnes of selection, it's super healthy, and range of flavours that can stand up on their own or combine with others as well.  The spices is a fun touch because none of the Mongolian restaurants here offer that...the one I loved back home did and I had a lot of fun trying out and learning about spices that way.  I think the pricing, while a little high compared to Edo or such, but at Edo you get some rice some meat and a small sling of cheap veggies.  Our food cost is definitely compromising our profit potential.  Like why didn't we choose to do fries and hotdogs?  But, we are very proud to be offering the healthiest choice of a food truck in Calgary.  

I will tell you all about the menu trial next week.  Should be an awesome time.  So much to do!  Gotta run, but thanks so much for reading we are so appreciative that people have taken an interest in this great project we are doing for a great cause.  This next month is just unbelievably busy, there aren't enough hours in the day.  So please be patient with us...but we will try our best to keep our blog schedule in tact. 

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