Monday, 2 April 2012

Mmm Monday...Open Sesame

To begin, I've taken an interest in late of photography.  As we get more into the blog I will have lots of opportunity to get more into that and show my work.  Can anyone identify what this is a photo of? When I took it I loved the rich colour, but realized it was totally obscure, but maybe in a fun abstract way.  First accurate answer to gets a fancy Jane Bond T-shirt. (That includes all you international readers too!).

Wow what an intense week!  I had almost forgot what fun moving is, and Jennifer and I together have a lotta stuff!  So if you tuned in Friday and found no food truck, do not panic Jennifer will be back next week with a stellar food mobile.  The read will be worth the wait.

So this Mmm Monday brings a titch of controversy as we are featuring one of our direct competitors, Open Sesame.  Reason being?  Free money, of course.  How can eating at this fun, choose your own stir fry house get YOU free money??  Well, if you start up your own Mongolian food truck in Calgary and have to write a competitive analysis about them (But please don't)! The old business plan is looming overhead with an April 12 deadline for a Leadership Grant of $10,000 to $20,000.  Dont be shy to drop us a line and wish us luck!

Ok so, zepharus!  Hmm, how about cowabunga!  Alright, must be...Open Sesame...yep! Here we go.  Wow are we up against some stellar competition with this joint.  Fresh vegetables of a many variety, and a pretty wide array of sauces to boot!  The only thing that made this place a little different from other Mongolian spots I have grazed at is you order your meat rather than choose it from the buffet. 

I combined the black bean and black pepper sauce with spicy ginger peanut and fresh garlic.  Always the savoury lover.  But they came with a few interesting sauces, as well as some expected favourites.  There is lots of room for creativity here.  

You pay a base price and extra for your proteins, so it is kinda up there by the end of it with Xan and Monglie Grill.  But I tell you, for fresh ingredients and really impressive service, topped with a relaxing and well comprised ambiance, it offers good value. 

Check out Open Sesame at 6920 MacLeod Trail, Calgary.  You and your guests are sure to have a good time!  I have a house full of unpackedness calling my name!

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Find us at:!/JaneBondMongolianGrill!/JaneBondGrill

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