Thursday, 12 April 2012

How To Start a Food Truck With $15,000

Both Jennifer and I were mostly raised by single moms on a budget.  But it makes things fun!  I look at things as projects, and I love a good project.  It's incredible to me how much money people are willing to throw into a food truck!  I think $60, 000 is a number I've seen often.  Well we are down home girls who don't mind getting our hands dirty, learning new butchy skills, and scouring around on Kijiji for second hand items.  With the right attitude, drawing on other people's support and skills, and involving the community to support a great cause of a business, I think we will get a great truck with a solid media campaign all within $15, 000.  Can we do it?  Let's see.

So how do you open a food truck with $15, 000?  First off you move into a low income area like Temple, Calgary, where neighbours are out on a Sunday morning in their pyjamas, just returned from the beer store with a box of Lucky Lager.  It just doesn't get any more ghetto.  We have neighbours two doors to the left with 3 Pitbull Bull Mastiff crosses who jump the fence and chase after people.  Of course its not their fault, we should learn to be aggressive with their dogs because its our job to train their nearly 2 year old dogs.  Well, ask Freckles how well that worked out for her when one cleared the 6 ft fence this morning and 'attacked her'.  I've never seen my dog so shaken up.  See her below with Rita offering a cuddle.  Again, not their fault the dogs can jump over the fence and they leave them outside constantly.  Being thrifty has its headaches. 

Then you buy a beater RV for $2, 300!  Beats a $30, 000 cube van I see all the shiny food trucks sporting around town.  We begin reno'ing this weekend, and our first mission is gutting the interior and cutting our service window.  Jennifer has been doing some research into roll shutters, as we discussed this as a great window guard option.  $1,500 bucks though?!!  Oh hells no!  I got on Kijiji first thing this morning and found us a perfect sized Rolco Roll Shutter.  Take a guess.  You won't guess it, nevermind.  $40 bucks!  Yep.  We are gettin' this food mobile on the streets within our budget. 

So far we have also a good sized commercial fridge to install (New $2, 500, we bought for $600).  So that brings us to a total cost of $2, 940.  We have found a custom hood vent and fan for $1650 delivered to the door.  We will need to install fire suppression which might be upwards of $2000, a heavy wattage generator, have signs made, paint and decorate interior and exterior.  Build counter space storage.  One more fridge for drinks.  A buffet style service cooler for stir fry ingredients.  A propane griddle.  Some professional install and labour costs.  Vehicle inspection mishaps.  Rennovating our second kitchen to use for our food prep.  Flyer printing, radio spots, and other promo methods.  Licensing fees.  Menu building and tasting event costs.  I think we are gonna be cutting it close.  What do you think? 

Please comment with any suggestions you might have to keep us within our budget!  We can use all the help we can get! 

Wish us luck,


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