Thursday, 5 April 2012

Gay Food Truck?

So just to recap for those who are joining us newly.  My girlfriend Jennifer and I are launching a Mongolian food truck in June. This blog is something we created to showcase the fun process of zero to Jane Bond mobile, as well as helping to brand Jane Bond with our life and personalities behind the company.  Yesterday we hit 1200 views in just over a month, which is incredible. Thanks so much for coming back.  But for real, not one single person wanted a Jane Bond shirt enough to put in a guess for my photo contest on Monday?  Slightly lame!  The shirt goes to, nobody.  Maybe next time!

So we are the first restaurant in Canada to sign on with Restaurants Against Hunger (which is very successful in Europe for many years!)  Can we get a whoo whoooo?!!  So exciting.

I picked Freckles up from a new groomer yesterday...sooooo, I didn't know dogs could have cankles, or as Jennifer referred to it, hair boots lol.  Poor girl's spindly little ankles looked the same width as her upper legs!  That groomer did not know a Freckles!  She aint no show dog type.  She is pure street.  Slum dog.  Perhaps I should start back hacking her hair cuts myself.  Way more suited! In fact when I made Jennifer dinner on our first date, Freckles had a home crafted half hair cut!  Half because while snipping away the day before I was ALSO sipping beer, and then realized I was not fit to finish the job!  Yep, that's a Freckle style. 

So let us discuss finally the big pink elephant in the room.  So Jennifer and I are a couple, which essentially means we are lesbians!  Lesbians, food truck.  Lesbians, food truck.  Is there any relation?  Maybe not.  Is there a branding and marketing opportunity?  Mayhaps.  Now I'm not gonna lie and say we didn't brand our food truck with a hint of our sexuality behind it.  Because we did.  Jane Bond is an absolute reflection of us as independent, feminine and female loving assasins.  I am pulling your leg, we are not assasins (not that I don't have a worthy hit list).

Isn't it trendy to be gay?  I mean, silly as it is, this is a shining time for our kind wherein which the media and its audience embraces iconic gay figures.  I also realize that the gay community really likes to support gay business.  I found that out quick when I tweeted Pride Calgary and got a warm response, 10 followers almost immediately and good luck wishes from a few different people who saw our tweet retweeted and are looking forward to our launch. 

So we fine lesbians are rocking out as gay and proud faces behind Jane Bond, and I'm pretty certain Calgary is ready to accept that presence.  I mean, who doesn't love a lesbian??  Straight women love to look and make out when drunk.  Gay men love a fabulous lesbian woman.  Lesbians love lesbians.  And straight men, well....that's a no brainer.  Lesbians are amazing.  I mean, look how fun we look!

Jennifer's back tomorrow with a crazy wicked Food Truck Friday!  We are making a quail Easter dinner for friends tomorrow, and a friend's family dinner on Sunday.  Mmm Monday will give all the delicious deets! 

Happy Easter,


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  1. Hey Ladies!

    Love reading your blog. We are so proud of you both. Your passion, drive and commitment is truly inspiring. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
    Stacy, Shawn, Isaias & Nevaeh