Friday, 20 April 2012

Four Words: Chickens. Heads Cut Off.

You know those days when you get up at 6am and you go non-stop until oh say about 11pm?  Well that was me yesterday. 

In fact, that is me a lot lately lol.  Apoologies for the late post.  So we are doing a pancake breakfast to raise funds at the Calgary Marathon for the official charity of the event, The Mustard Seed.  Pancake breakfast.  First thing that goes off in my brain is do we Jane Bondify these pancakes?!?  Toying around with a couple ideas...choose your own savoury ingredients and make a savoury sauce.  Diced onion, green pepper, mushroom, sausage for example.  And maybe some rendition of a bernaise sauce.  But here we get into trouble with food cost, and also cooking to order not so fun with a huge crowd of hungry people.

So I think we are swaying towards the idea of pancakes with a selection of sauces.  Off the bat I think of Chocolate (which needs to be kept heated) Strawberry (which would be better kept heated) banana (because it's cheap and who ever makes a banana sauce?) or blueberry (a pancake favourite).  We will charge $3 for two pancakes with a choice of sauce, all proceeds going to the Mustard Seed. 
This is our first event, and we have now an official and committed deadline for our food truck to get up and running.  I'm scared.  I feel a real sense of terrified inside.   : )

Oh common...that totally looks like me!

I think I can speak for both Jennifer and I both when I say I have never in my life felt such a shit mix worldwind of busy.  We sure gave ourselves a tight deadline for this whole food truck shenanigan.

So let's look at what we have to get done for May 27's Calgary Marathon event:

Prepare truck, which is its own huge list in itself
Apply for permits and get all inspections done
Vehicle inspection which will hopefully not come with a ton of cost in repair
Get business insurance
Cost food, order ingredients
Print flyers and coupons for our launch to hand out
Persuade a good friend to come out and help : )
And landscape our back yard, set up our house and welcome a new housemate all in the meantime as well.

So basically we are going to transform into super women for the next month. 
What, now you wanna tell me that doesn't look like Jennifer?! Geez.

On that note, I'm off to saw off a couple sticky bolts and other items, order my griddle, come up with pancake sauces and hopefully find time to wash my hair : )
Have a great weekend, Jennifer will follow with a double header friday!


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