Friday, 6 April 2012

Food Truck Friday-Bettie's cakes, DeeDee

Welcome back to Food Truck Friday, sorry about the break last week but moving can be slightly crazy!  So this week we have a double decker treat for you, Bettie's Cakes!  Hailing from the state of New York this double decker bus from London, dubbed Dee Dee, is definitely pretty in pink! 
They are the only MOBILE Double Decker Cafe in USA which opened in December of 2009 and quickly became a hit.

You can totally see why, with it's vintage pin up girl theme and huge selection of tasty looking cupcakes and cakes it's a must visit for anybody!  Even a cupcake that is safe for dogs called Puppie Cuppies.  I'm sure Freckles would love to try that, shhhh don't tell her!
On the second story they kept the original seats from the bus and added tables to make a diner style area called the "Skydeck" to sit down and enjoy your sweet selection.
In like minded fashion Bettie’s Cakes is set up to partner with others to raise money for charitable organizations.  If your organization needs to raise money, you can team up with Bettie!  Who doesn't love a cupcake sale?

So listen to the back of the bus if you find yourself in area and head this way for cupcakes!  I would love to sink my teeth into one of these delicious treats, accompanied by a gourmet soda pop!

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