Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Evolution of a Business Card

So let’s talk business cards.  Those little pieces of paper that get handed out with important information, that more often than not gets lost at the bottom of your purse or wallet.  I never understood the amount of work that goes into designing business cards and actually getting what you think you want.  Now I do!
Jenny and I being the money savvy individuals we are, decided to go with this company we found online.  Super cheap for double-sided business cards in full color, sounded perfect for us.  You can probably figure out what happened, yep the color was all wrong!  Okay to be fair it wasn’t horrible and we will probably still use these cards but it just wasn’t what we envisioned the final product to be.


So we went through the process of sending a few back and listing what we felt was wrong for a refund.  Then we went back to the drawing board and actually changed the card a bit because we felt it was kind of boring the way it was.  Added some graphics and moved some stuff around till we had something much better than before, oh and of course change of fonts as well!  Now we are sending it off again to the same company as before (this time getting a proof to approve first!) 

Can’t wait to see the final product, it’s been quite a lot of work and time spent for one 3.5”x2” sized piece of paper!

On that note I made a discovery that is making my life 100% easier when it comes to collecting business cards from other people.  Have you heard of Card Munch?  If not, you should listen closely.  This amazing Free iPhone app turns business cards into contacts, and all you have to do is take a picture of the card.  It finds contacts on Linkedin and creates a searchable, interactive contact list.  No more searching through a pile of cards or losing the one that you needed the most!  I know I sound like an ad for them but I swear they have not paid me to say any of this, I just think it's incredible!
Now I leave you with a gratuitous pet picture of Jill and Bonnie, mortal enemies from the start sleeping together on the extra mattress that is still leaning against our bedroom wall (yes chaos still reigns in our house from the move).  Giant progress for 2 animals that can’t stand each other! 
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