Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Demo, Dirt & Dust-The RV Reno Begins

Despite the snow and the mud this weekend we bundled up and headed out to the RV to start tearing it apart.  I manned the screwdriver, Jenny used her feet and Ari had a hammer that could bash a hole in anything.  Together we took apart this RV piece by piece.
 Not a glamorous start to our truck but a successful one.  The RV is from the 70’s and so were most of the fixtures and cushions.  This meant dusty and dirty in ways that only time can make things. At one point Jenny got on her hands and knees for the task of removing the old toilet.  A feat I was happy to allow her to do since I was in the middle of trying to remove screws from a rusted old shower curtain.   So much fun! 

Rita joined us of course in this momentous day, we couldn’t leave her out.  Sadly she had a bit of an accident!  She got a little too close to a foam mattress that was being removed and toppled to the ground losing her arm in the mishap. 
A little bit of glue later she was looking like her old self, but she will never be quite the same again!

I can’t wait till the demo is all done and we start the rebuilding.  We are so excited to make our little RV into a stunning food truck.

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