Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The RV Search is Over, Now the Real Work Begins…

 Hey! Jennifer here! Jenny and I spent a lot of time looking online for the perfect vehicle to convert into our food truck.  Not a very easy thing to find considering between the two of us we know exactly nothing about cars.  We made a lot of phone calls, kicked a few tires and in the end found one that made both of us say, “This is it!”  For a cool $2,300 we had found ourselves the heart and soul of Jane Bond.

We were so excited to get it that we didn’t really think about insurance, we thought we would just wing it.  Funny enough our big plan was that one of us would drive really close behind it with the car to hide the fact that it didn’t have a license plate.  Luckily the guy that we bought it from, Mike let us know that you could just use an existing registered license plate like the one from our car.  So I got out the trusty screwdriver and did a switch up. 

After an exchange of the monetary goods, Jenny took hold of the wheel and we were off.  The only thing we had to do was the inaugural gas fill up since the tank was practically empty.  We then brought it to its parking spot, after which we made our way back to Mike’s house, plate in hand, to collect the car.

This is also the story of how we acquired our lovely Hawaiian muse, Rita Bang Bang.  She was the previous occupant of the RV which is now known as the Jane Bond Mobile. She’s graciously allowed us to share it with her.  With her flowing grass skirt and floral lei, she adds an air of elegance and sophistication to what will become the home base of Jane Bond.  See the obvious for yourself below.

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