Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Resturants Against Hunger-Are You Making a Difference?

Yesterday morning we met with Genevieve from Action Against Hunger or Action Contrel a Faim for those bilingual people out there.  This is an international company that has gained huge recognition in Europe and the USA.  Recently they have started up an office here in Canada based out of Montreal and are campaigning to involve Canadians in their cause.  Action Against Hunger works in 40 countries bringing innovative life-saving programs in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health, and advocacy. 
 It wasn’t too hard to make the decision that this would become our third charity of choice.  An exciting campaign coming to Calgary and the rest of Canada is Restaurants Against Hunger which will begin official promotion in the month of October 2012.  It’s the first year that Action Against Hunger is inviting restaurants all across Canada to join the thousands in the USA, UK, France and Spain that have contributed in the past.  There are a few ways to participate, such as:
  • Inserting a donation card in your menu
  • Designating a dessert or dish of the month (the full or partial value of which will be donated)
  • Adding a dollar amount to each bill
  • Offering a percentage off the bill for every donation made

**Bare in mind this can attract awesome community recognition, possibly offer tax breaks, and just make you feel really good about the consciousness of your business and its ability to make a life-saving difference to many many people**
 What we liked about Action Against Hunger is that they not only bring food to the malnourished, or for disaster relief, but they are sharing their knowledge and expertise with local organizations in third world countries to create a sustainable solutions.  This includes showing how to plant gardens, dig wells, and treat malnutrition themselves. 
 Jane Bond Mongolian Grill is excited to kick off this campaign in Canada and be the first restaurant to sign on.  Their donation card outlines exactly what $14 to $170 will buy for those in need.  A mere $14 will buy clean drinking water for 500 people.  Your donation definitely does go a long way!  
 If you own a restaurant and would like to participate in this fund-raising and awareness campaign to help allow all human beings access to their basic rights of water and food, you can contact Action Against Hunger's communications department: communication@actioncontrelafaim.ca
Here's Rita with the donation card, she's really excited about Restaurants Against Hunger and can't wait to start donating with our launch in June! 

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    It was great meeting you and Jenny last week. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Calgary so that I can try out Jane Bond Mongolian Grill!

    Thanks for mentioning the campaign and Action Against Hunger on your blog.

    Good luck getting the RV ready!