Thursday, 22 March 2012

Open Your Eyes To World Hunger

Just wanna thank our readers for your support and interest in our quirky little blog. We started the blog as a fun tool to record our food truck's progress, and it has turned into a lovely way to share our lifestyle and visions with the 'world'. And when I say world, we have readers from Australia, Russia, Philippines, USA, Canada, Germany and Moldova (between Romania and Ukraine). So this is pretty exciting for us!

What's even more exciting is that we are reaching people all over the world with not only the fun tidbits of our lives and our up and coming food truck, but with our passionate goal of fighting against the disturbing circumstances of worldwide hunger. When we allow ourselves to actually, like actually stop and think about the millions and millions of people who go without basic necessities, it makes our struggling lives look like an effin' cake walk. Like really. And it starts right here in our own city.

When I look at people less fortunate than I am, regardless of their circumstance or how they may have come there, I try to tell myself to look at them as if they were a child, because once they were. And what child would choose a devastated life for themselves? And what child deserves to be alienated by the greed of industry and government, left to starve to death. It's disgusting.

I've certainly had my own struggles with addiction and mental health issues. And I'm on the lucky end of people who have had the ability to transform with my own determination and gifts. Guess I kinda feel it's my place to extend assistance to others in similar and worse situations. Which is why I am extremely proud to announce our new partnership with The Mustard Seed.

We met with Shannon yesterday to see if we could find a working fit together to raise funds for their organization. The Mustard Seed is a place where people can find shelter and support with over coming homelessness and transitioning into routine lives no matter what their past struggles. In the sense of Feeding The Hunger, this couldn't be a more well rounded fit. Cheers to The Mustard Seed and definitely look forward to some fun events to raise donation and awareness.

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  1. Very inspiring ladies. Keep up the awesome work, wish you would make your way over to this side of the world soon ;), xo.