Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Officially Operating As...

Jane Bond's official birthday is Feb 28, 2012.  Just missed leap day!  At the downtown Urban Registry we spoke with a woman who helped us to register Jane Bond Mongolian Grill as a partnered business.  So, Jennifer and I are like, partner partners lol. So what do you guys think about starting up business with your significant other?  I always thought it kind of ideal...getting to spend lots of time together, and seeing each other in different roles.  Kinda sexy, no?  I mean, my girlfriend is super sexy at work with her assertiveness, in control  expertise.  Now why wouldn't I wanna be around that all day?! 

As we've all experienced though, working with anyone else can be a challenge, what with different or even similar personalities creating little conflicts.  So, how about the one that is usually always right?  I mean, I generally believe that I kinda got the edge with things, ya know?  And maybe lots of the time I do.  But one thing I'm realizing working with Jennifer, because I care about her feelings, is that maybe I am a little arrogant and pushy at times.  I do tend to under value people's perspectives if I have my own set.  Either way, there certainly are plenty of less than competent people out there, and I couldn't have landed a better partner.  It's nice to not have to worry about my partner's quality of work ethic.

So we have a business.  Anyone can pay 67 bucks and register one.  We have an RV.  Anyone with 2,300 bucks could'a purchased that too.  What is it gonna take to bring this baby to life?  There is tonnes of behind the scenes stuff, and though I can't really tell you a big accomplishment each day, I can tell you I put in a 9-5 at least each day with my menagerie of tasks alternating back and forth constantly!  So many things seem interdependent, so I make a little progress, put it down and move to the next bit.  As some of you may well know, I am a Gemini (a nearing 30 Gemini!), so 100 things on the go at once is right up my alley!   I'll fill you in more next Thursday as that's my day to chat about the progression of stuff.  Jennifer will do the same on Tuesdays!  Don't forget I am kicking off Mmm Monday next week with my first recipe to play with!

Dun dun dunnnnnnn...

Thanks for reading, Friends.

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  1. I bet you guys are going to be at each others throats the whole time. Seeing each other 24/7? Crazy talk. Let me know if you need help gutting that beast...