Thursday, 15 March 2012

A New Family Member...

Happy Thursday everyone!  We're nearly there...
So, just to be clear, Jennifer has not yet started sorting through all her crap and I'm getting a little concerned what with moving just around the corner.  Feel free to drop her lines of encrouagement! ; p

So we have welcomed a new family member, and above you can see the progression of Jane Bond as we worked with a talented local cartoonist named Kelly Gannon.  Now, working with a pair of generally always right, have a picture in my head of exactly how I want it, but no skill to draw it myself lesbians may not be everyone's idea of a fun time.  But Kelly proved to be a trooper and persevered through our demands and changes.  Allow me to introduce, Jane Bond...

In case you're not up to speed, Jennifer and I are launching a Mongolian BBQ or Grill restaurant here in Calgary.  Mobile Styles.  Our Mongolian food truck will feature killer stir fry with all the ingredients of your very own selection.  

With all the excitment we have barely a mention of our wonderful mascot, Rita Bang bang, who stormed away with a touch of the ol' green when Jane Bond stepped onto the scene, fetching in pink and JUST as cute!

Rita wait!  We adore you!  Can you help me make crab cakes on Sunday for Mmmm Monday?  I really couldn't pull it off without you!


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