Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Moving Into the Unknown

This week we began packing up our apartment to move into house.  With 1 dog Freckles, 3 cats Bonnie, Jack and Jill and a 19 foot RV, living on the 29th floor of a downtown apartment just didn’t make sense anymore!  I will miss this apartment a lot it was perfect for my life when I moved in, but life changes and the apartment must go!  Jenny and I searched the online postings of houses for rent that would accept all 4 of our pets, fell into our long list of requirements and was in our budget. 

 We’ve found a place that seems perfect and now it is just a matter of packing up and moving our lives there.  This means I will need to go through the massive amount of stuff I seem to have collected in the 3 years of living here.  I may be a bit of a pack rat I have a hard time throwing out things that I spent money on.  I’m nowhere near anyone on that show Hoarders (see photo below), but there is stuff stashed in every closet and nook I could find.  Going through it all is going to be quite the chore, lucky for me I have a helper who likes to say, ”just get rid of it!”

 So we begin the torturous chore of packing up the house and moving.  Exciting and boring all at once.  Just one more thing we are adding to our daily to do list that seems to be growing at a rate that would rival a speeding train.  Anybody need any clothes?  I have a feeling Jenny is not going to let me take all mine with me...

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