Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mongolian Stir Fry Sauces

So tomorrow Jennifer and I move into our new house.  It will be a serious load off to be moved and settled.  So here is where the real fun part begins.  We can finally begin the rennovations of the Jane Bond Mobile.  Crazy! So definitely look forward to lots of fun stories and pictures corresponding with this big project over the next couple months!  (Funny stories because we are attempting a lot of the reno's ourselves!)

Today I would like to blurb about our menu.  This is really the first menu I am creating that will come alive and off paper.  Because of our choose your own ingredients concept, my work is made light to a point, which can take the real fun art of creation out.  So what I am left with is creating some magic in our sauces that will transform a stir fry you can get at a variety of asian spots on the way, into a craving you can only satisfy at Jane Bond.  The same cravings I had for my home town Monglian Grill restaurant, which to this day is the best I've had.

I love making sauces - it might be my favourite skill set, but the objective here is making sauces without cooking them.  Ingredients that will quickly cook out together during the stir fry process and arrive at an amazing flavour.  There are some standards that I simply can't veer away from, such as terryaki.  I can not stand me some terryaki, and do not get the appeal of loads of this thick sweet goo ruining the amazing flavours and textures in your stir fry.  But then I'm a savoury and spice kinda girl!  Man do people loooove their terryaki, especially in this city I find.  So, challenge is, how can I spruce this basic sauce up into something people wil still love for its traditional quality, but rave about it's unique twist. 

The next few weeks will consist of me in the kitchen chopping mixing and blending flavours.  I'll let the cat out of the bag on just one of them I came up with last week.  Sweet and Spicy Miso.  Try it at home with some aka miso, honey and red thai chillies, dilute with water enough so you arrive at the right flavour when it cooks out with your stir fry.  Simple, but hopefully effective.  At the very least, Ari loved it! 

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