Monday, 26 March 2012

Jane Bond vs Burger Ninjas at Boogies Burgers!

Soooooooooooo, we are switchin' things around for Mmm Monday.  We realize that as an up and coming addition to Calgary's food scene, we should definitely get out there and try out as much as we can of the local food scene.  And then report back!  Sunday is when Jennifer and I have our weekly Jane Bond meeting over dinner.  We are gonna leave things open...perhaps one Sunday you may find me in the kitchen creating a plate that we dine in over.  Or we will give you the the deets on a stellar joint that we dined at. To be honest the work load is piling up and with the way I cook, it just takes hours of time and tonnes of dishes and freshly prepared ingredients.  So, maybe not EVERY week is this realistic. 

Ok so Jennifer, Ari (enter our good friend Ari (below), no blog could be complete without one!),

and myself went for a sort of run at nose hill.  After which we found ourselves famished and deserving of a nice weekend calorie filled treat at Boogies Burgers, 908 Edmonton Trail NE.  Ya know, the one you drive by on Edmonton trail often, but maybe never have stopped in.  Well you should.  The best burger buns of life I do believe, baked freshly near by.  They are soft and light and chewy!  The bugers are delicious and super inventive with an amazing array of fun toppings. I do suggest going with a double patty because all the flavourful ingredients do combat a single patty.

Maybe the best onion rings in the city thus far for me.  Jennifer really enjoyed the spicy fries.  But the best part of the meal had to be Rita Bang Bang's raspberry milkshake.  With fresh fruit raspberry topping it appealed to both Jennifer and I's fruit-disliking taste buds.  Impressive. 

Further to that, the joint is filled with entertaining paraphernalia of assorted bacon applications, Peter's Drive-In bashings, and Buger Ninja gear for sale.  Service was friendly and aimed to impress.  Boogie's has no shortage of quirk or character.

One word of advice, unless it's REALLY up your alley...maybe don't try the pickled egg.  Here's what happened when I did (video has little to no sound, but gets the point across!)...

Adios friends,


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