Friday, 23 March 2012

Food Truck Friday, Roving Mammoth

Leave it to California to come out with something that we really need here in the middle of winter, the Roving Mammoth Burrito Cat! 2 of these retro-fitted snow cat burrito food truck ride around Mammoth Mountain all season long.  What more could you want after coming halfway down a mountain than a burrito stop!
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 Checking the @MammothMountain Twitter feed will tell you the run locations, and then all you need to do is ski or snowboard to it.  Pick from their freshly made green chile breakfast burrito with eggs, a chicken burrito, a beef burrito and a bean and cheese burrito for only $5.50.  With a few additional energy burst items including energy drinks, this truck is serving up just what you’d need to get you the rest of the way down the mountain.
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Don't those cheesy, rice filled burritos look delicious!  Check out this video of the Roving Mammoth in action.  
The opportunity to try this food truck would be reason enough for even me to go skiing!  I imagine that before long we will see food truck like this one all over mountain ski resorts.  Forget being tied to streets and parking lots, the whole snowy world is your oyster!

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