Friday, 9 March 2012

Food Truck Friday! Keepin` It Real In Cowtown.

Last weekend Jenny and I stopped at our first Calgary food truck together.  The weather wasn’t great but the food was!  Our first truck was the Mighty Skillet, parked outside of the ZYN wine market. Even in the snow stormed street their artistic truck was hard to miss!

The dudes running the show, Bill and John, were more than friendly and full of great information for us.  With a menu that spanned from corn beef to oatmeal, their skill at dishin' up unique and tasty items was obvious.  With a little something for everyone, Jenny was drawn to the enticing Cannon Ball Pancrep, while I had to try the `Corned Beef Kraven` dish. We've read reviews downing the hash browns, but to be honest they came with a flavour you haven't experienced at breakfast.  Though my guess is the all Jamaican all spice, I dare not inquire, but simply revel in the creative flare!

While we waited for our food to be cooked up we chatted with the guys and listened to some great music.  It didn’t take long before we were handed our steaming, incredible smelling boxes. We devoured our food in the car in harmonious mmm`s and ahhh`s!  It was delicious!   

Thanks guys for a wonderful brunch, excellent information, and the tasty, complimentary oatmeal!

Find us at:!/JaneBondMongolianGrill!/JaneBondGrill.


  1. Hey Ladies!! This is amazing, we are so proud of you guys and have enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the awesome work and please let us know if you need anything! Love you both very much! The Maddigans

    1. Hey you guys that is really sweet of you to read the blog and show your support. Amazing. Thinking we'll drop in for dinner soon then...?