Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Feeding The Hunger, Step One

One of our initiatives for Jane Bond Mongolian Grill food truck is to contribute from every single stirfry sold to charities that feed the hungry, here in Calgary and around the world.  We will market this as our Feed the Hunger campaign.  People will get a choice of the charity that they would like to support alongside their stirfry choices.

This morning we met with Julie from the Calgary Food Bank and she gave us a tour of their facilities.  I have to say I was extremely impressed, not just with the size of the operation but also with their obvious dedication to providing support beyond emergency food supplies for people who need it.  The Calgary Food Bank provides food hampers to families in need, as well as supplying charitable organizations in Calgary such as The Mustard Seed, treatment centres and more.  If you're familiar with Find Waldo series...go on ahead and try to find Rita Bang Bang in the above pic!

 With 80-100 volunteers every day, and approximately 45 full/part-time staff the organization runs like a well-oiled machine.  The warehouse space housing dry goods stacked to the ceiling was an incredible sight, with any blank wall space decorated with happy, colorful murals done by school children.  As she directed us to what she so proudly called the white wall, I was confused at her obvious delight in what I thought was just a painted wall.  Until she revealed that it was actually a fridge as large as 1400 residential-sized refrigerators.  Allowing them to store large quantities of fresh food as well as all the dry goods they receive, this is something that most facilities similar to theirs can’t do.

It was an inspiring visit that made us not only want to contribute from our business, but also to volunteer our time too.  As always, Rita joined us on our tour and fell in love with Big Boy on the orange and white coffee can (one of Great Aunt Mary's contributions lol!) in one of the cool, vintage food displays in the facility.

We had a great morning and look forward to working closely with the Calgary Food Bank.  Look forward to our partnered initiatives in the near future!

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